Monday, November 5

I Remember

I remember what the other random thought was. Sometimes we sit around and ponder how God (or perhaps more specifically Jesus) exemplified each of the redemptive gifts. The other night I was struck by an example of God as a Giver.

It was a couple of weeks ago at Shabbat. Rabbi was talking about truly and selflessly loving the people in our lives. I realized that the only person I even come close to doing this to (and by no means fully achieve) is Eric. And it can really wear me out sometimes, because of me not because of him. But God loves everyone, which means that He has limitless emotional energy. And the only redemptive gift that even comes close to that is the giver, with all of their boundless energy. That's why God is the ultimate Giver.

Take a moment to thank God for all the givers in your life.


tom & leah said...

here here, susan! brilliant observation. now all you givers out there --keep loving!

Aaron 'The Batman' Schwartz said...

You may most definitely read parts of "Real Monsters". Other parts, you'll just have to wait for the book when I can be embarrassed nationally for what I've written. It's definitely weird but very funny, I'm just hoping not inappropriate which is always the struggle.

And yeah, go Givers, with a small plug for the continued desire for righteousness among Rulers as well? Woot.

Aaron 'The Batman' Schwartz said...

So I've got to say this: I think, in response to your tag-line, that vultures are marginalized creatures. I mean come on? Are you gonna eat the dead? I should hope not. Let us thank the Lord for vultures today, that they would continue to eat the dead with a sense of efficacy and pride in being nature's garbage disposal, and may we never fire our arrows of hope at real, live vultures where poaching and hunting laws may be applicable.