Monday, February 25

Random Redemptive Gift and Personality Observations

As a Servant, I am drawn to strong leaders with big visions -- a chance to serve something great without leading it myself. Also as a Servant, I would prefer to run away from strong leaders who cause conflict, push on my boundaries, and expect me to make the world turn in order to accomplish their particular vision. I thought maybe the Lord was just playing tricks on me over the past year or so. Turns out I was playing tricks on myself.

I think Rulers are wired to value fairness. Does Arthur mention that on the CD?

If I ever operate as a D, it's because of an S motivation.

If Cs aren't necessarily organized, then is organization tied to any personality type?

Am I endlessly intrigued by these conversations because I have some C in me and Cs like categories?

Now discuss.

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The Blake Family said...

I have been wondering why do some mercies have a hard time crying and others tear up easily the same is true for servants? do you have any thoughts on this?