Thursday, July 10

The Name Game

I'm in serious need of help. I need some name ideas for the online bookstore we want to do for Rabbi. See the poll to the right. If you have new names, which is what I'm really interested in, just leave them as a comment. Promising ideas will show up in the next poll.


tom & leah said...

i feel bad for not voting or giving suggestions. total blank. how about shalom emporium...nah. none of the three stand out to me, maybe bet midrash books will bring in a lot of people. so i'll vote for that. so much for anonymity.

Kingdom Living said...

How about Righteous Readings ... "Where right vs. wrong is clarified ... on the one hand".

Or Messianic Manuscripts, "We are the muscle behind the musings."

Or Temple Textbooks, "Where the Temple is Simple."