Saturday, August 23

The Garden of Our God

Since we basically forgot our camera the whole time we were gone, this is the only picture we have so far of our trip to Colorado Springs. When I was finding the picture to upload, the title read "Eric in the Garden of Our God". That's how we like to refer to it, at least.

It is a beautiful place, and the wedding (of Brandi, Eric's sister) was movie-worthy in its beauty. Hopefully we'll have some more picture to prove it. We enjoyed the time with family, long-time friends, and even some Kansas City folk who made the drive out for the big event. Now Ruble and Brandi are hiking through the North Island of New Zealand, no doubt loving every minute of it.
We also had a great time with our friends Dave and Heather Lucas, who took us to a live broadcast of Adventures in Odyssey, and Daron and Heather Jamison in Hays, who graciously let us stay at their house with their adorable daughter, Basha.
Like I said, no more pictures for now, but there's a brief recap in case you wondered where we keep disappearing to.


The Blake Family said...

nice pic...look forward to seeing more.

Mom said...

Hi, Susan. I love you.