Monday, September 22

Ezra Bear and the etrain

For part of last week we had the awesome blessing of having Ezra Gharst (affectionately known as Ezra Bear, Bear, or Bear Bear) stay with us. Since I was painting with Tom, Eric took on the role of Mr. Mom - and he made it look effortless. While they were on their last outing together, I asked Lauren to capture some photos, so everyone could see Eric in action.

Appropriately, their last afternoon activity was a visit to a coffee shop.

This one's my favorite.

When it was time to take Ezra home, we both felt a little sad and realized that we would miss our new little buddy.


Anonymous said...

I'm responding partially to this post, and partially to the "people who only blog when the coconut yield in Uzbekistan is up." My most recent post clarifies that I am not a farmer ... thus not aware of how often the coconut yield is Uzbekistan is up or down. Said post also reveals that I post at least quarterly, which may or may not be more often than the number of times the coconut yield is Uzbekistan is up.

As for E-train and Ezra, I'd have to say that when the E-squared showed up at our playground in the back yard ... I wasn't sure what was going on. Worlds were colliding. Did you guys adopt without me knowing it? Was all the pressure to have kids too much and you caved? When the situation calmed down and everybody's emotions returned to normal, it was kind of fun watching Eric try to keep his kid in line.


tom & leah said...

he's made for being a papa. it was great having a "dad" at playgroup, too. sometimes we're so girly.

justin & jacklynn said...

i agree leah! those are some great pics!