Tuesday, August 11

Well, we continued to have what was probably our best vacation yet. Some highlights:
  • An evening in Beaufort, a small town close to Callawassie that has a more beautiful boardwalk than Hilton Head, in our opinion. It's smaller and less crowded, which was nice. They also have porch swings set up all along the waterfront, so Eric and I watched the last of the sunset after eating dinner on the patio of a local restaurant.
  • A special Italian dinner at the Callwassie Club, complete with red-and-white checked tablecloths and a self-playing piano.
  • Having the 9-hole course outside our back door be closed for repairs, so we could walk on the golf course anytime we wanted.
  • Pulling pins, holding golf clubs, and driving the golf cart at full speed as Eric's caddy, while he played 9 holes in a lightning storm.

The Gallery on the 1st Hole

On Friday we said our final goodbyes to our lovely island and drove up to Portsmouth, Virginia to see Lee Schrock, affectionately known by some as Two Cat Lee. Lee's in the Navy, so we haven't seen him much these past few years. He came back for a visit this summer, reminding us of how much we missed him, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him once we were already on the East Coast.

Other than eating great food, having great conversation, and playing record amounts of Settlers of Catan while we were with Lee, we also went to a naval museum, part of which included walking around the USS Wisconsin.

Overall a great trip, and the time with Lee was one of the biggest highlights. We love you, Lee!


Lauren Blake said...

sounds like you had a great time. I like the description of the watching the sunset. I am so glad you had a good babymoon. We are happy you are back home though. I miss touching your belly. It looks like you have gotten bigger in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

I think eric voted for himself on the poll for the biggest guns.

Anonymous said...

you have gotten bigger, ohh i can't wait to see that belly for real!
looks like you all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Eric does have nice guns but I too think that he voted for himself or maybe susan felt sad for him and voted for him
- Maasen