Tuesday, April 13

Evidently I owe my devoted readers two posts, due to an updating glitch a few weeks ago. See below for an entry similar to my vanishing post. For my second requirement, I've opted for a more graphic presentation.

These are some pictures of how long Eliana's hair is, in case you live out of town or just haven't happened to notice.

The bangs issue you see here is why we've started using a clip, much to Pop's disappointment.

She loves to play with her tongue, and it's one of her ways of showing that she's in a playful, happy mood.

At lunch with her Nana and Opa on First Fruits, Eliana was all smiles and laughs.

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joyfulnoise said...

Wow - She has tons more hair than Cailin and Cailin is much older. She is so cute. She will be in pig tails in no time:)

cassie said...

Oh, my. She is so stinking cute. Just like her folks.

Lauren Blake said...

love that last pic.... she gets cuter everyday!

Kate said...

thanks for the garden shout out, tru su.

You better watch out for boys who try to climb up those lovely locks should she find herself at the top of a multi-story building with no stairs.