Monday, July 5

Eliana has a lot of great people in her life to learn from.  For instance, in the midst of trying to find a sippy cup or bottle that Eliana would use without crying, we learned from her Aunt Brandi that it's possible for babies to drink from the bite valve of a Camelbak.

From her cousin Cass, we learned that Camelbak makes special bottles just for kids. Here's Eliana's.  She doesn't know it yet, but someday she'll be so excited that she has a bottle like Cass'.

Cass also taught us about the special button, which helps little fingers pop the straw open.  Eliana isn't there yet, but when she is, Cass will make a great teacher.

Her papa didn't really contribute to her water bottle, but he sure helped with her good looks.  Here's Eric at 9 months.

And the screaming?  Well, we're not sure where she gets the screaming.  It might be an Eliana original.  Here's a very tame version.


cass said...

Whoa! She does look like her papa! And that is a very tame version of her pterodactyl.

he came up with the title but... said...

that is amazing. how does she look so much like eric! i mean, seriously, i thought she looked like you! honestly, i'm a little bit shocked.

and it doesn't sound like screaming, more like vocal warm ups. i enjoy her noises so much, and that she laughs any time she sees you and you're not holding her. almost like she thinks it's a joke you're letting someone else hold her. c'mon mom.

momma said...

yesss! another wonderful girl with a wonderful voice! we need more of those in this world ;)

(from a mom of two "vocal" ladies)

Brandi said...

So is she able to drink from the Camelbak waterbottle? She'll fit in well in Colorado next month!

Lauren Blake said...

I love the picture of eric what a great find... they look so much alike. It would be fun to see your picture at that age too. miss you bunches.

cass said...

I now have a water bottle to match the simon family!