Friday, February 4

As you might have picked up from my immersion post, I feel like my whole journey into knowing Jesus as a Jewish rabbi and understanding the centrality of Israel has been a life-altering experience.  When a Christian is giving their testimony about getting saved, sometimes they will call it their "Damascus Road Experience", alluding to Paul's encounter with Jesus in Acts.  I recently heard (thanks to First Fruits of Zion for this gem) a comparable, Biblical phrase that seemed far more applicable to my own journey - I've had an "Emmaus Road Experience." 

After Jesus' death and before His resurrection was confirmed, He appeared to two of His disciples who were walking to Emmaus. "Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures" (Luke 24.27).  The continuity of Scripture, opening their eyes to verses that had been there all along, Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, their hearts burning with them -- it's all there.  He put the pieces together for them, pieces they'd been holding in their hands but couldn't bring together.  

He found me on my way to Emmaus, too.  I wasn't even looking for Him in that way, but He showed up and caused my heart to burn within me.   And I'll never be the same.


Kait said...

(way to post before jeremy stole it. :)

justjess said...

Nice. I always get chills when you write. LOVE IT!

mountain girl said...

That's an awesome way to describe your experience. What a cool picture,'s you, I think, but where? That ain't no Kansas City mountain range!

joyfulnoise said...

We are studying an art piece by Caravaggio with the title Supper on the Road to Emmaus I can't say that i an a huge Caravaggio fan but I was thankful that this part of the Bible was brought to my attention. Can't wait to use your post when I teach the kids this week! Thanks Aunt Susan:)