Sunday, March 18

A day in the life

Here are some photos to catch you up. 
One of Zade's favorite poses

Eliana wanted Zade to watch her play, so I brought his bouncer over while I worked in the kitchen.  When I looked back, she had pulled her duck chair over and was reading to him. What a good big sister!

What's a pretty skirt without a construction hat to go with it?
Thanks, Cousin Cass, for the cute costume.  Eliana got to be "Nemo, the fish".
Ready for Purim
Ready for fun
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Carlye said...

So precious. We love your family!

Brandi said...

Love the pictures! Keep them coming! Do you have any framable ones of Zade? I need a picture of my nephew in my house!

mountain girl said...

Congrats! Do I dare say I didn't even know you were pregnant? Sheeeesh...that's how good I keep up with my friends. :) He's simply beautiful.