Friday, February 8

Just a couple of quotes I've enjoyed from Family Life in the past few months:

*Paraphrase from Dennis Rainey: We have an orphan crisis.  There are close to 500,000 foster kids in the United States.  Over 130,000 could be adopted right now.  Worldwide there are 140 million orphans.  The only "organization" big enough to meet the need is the Body of Messiah.

*Guest Greg Gunn: "One of the best training grounds for marriage is the sibling relationship.  What other relationship will we ever be in that we will have to share the same bathroom, the same kitchen, with a person who is not always kind, not always loving and not always mature?  Based upon the way I treated my siblings growing up, I was not being trained in marriage, I was being trained in divorce and psychological warfare."

And a couple of pictures of this cutie's birthday:

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