Friday, August 17

Betty Jo Goes to Washington

This week in Washinton D.C. is the Coupe Mondiale - the world championship competition for accordionists. Musicians come from all over the world to the Coupe, and thankfully this year it was held in the United States. I say thankfully, because it meant that my extremely talented mother-in-law, Betty Jo Simon, had the chance to attend the competition.

Along with playing in the UMKC Accordion Orchestra, she entered the Maddalena Belfiore Entertainment Competition for Female Accordionists. What option did the judges have, really, when confronted with such a great musician and entertainer? Nevermind those musicians from New Zealand, Poland, etc. Betty Jo took first place. We're extremely excited for her. It is a well-deserved honor.

This picture is the cover from her Musically Yours album. You can hear some samples from the album at her website,

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