Thursday, August 9

There is something quite satisfying about recognizing and embracing your place in _______(fill in the blank - the world, your family, your job, the body of Messiah). The older I get - no age comments, please - the more obvious it becomes to me what I am.

I am a maintainer.

I love maintaining. I personally find visioncasting too fuzzy and fruitless, while implementing it downright difficult and requires a good amount of conflict. But maintaining, there's something I can get behind.

As the newest (and happily) employed member of the Latte Books team, it seemed appropriate to mention that my new job is all about maintaining. I maintain the ebb and flow of books that provide Marky - and now me - with income. I sit down at my makeshift desk in the utility closet and send books to people, a task that simultaneously pleases both me and the customer. Maintaining gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like a cup of hot tea or a bag of black licorice.

To take it a step further, however, I think maintaining is a part of my spiritual DNA. Arthur Burk talks about the increased ability to bless the land that is inherent with the redemptive gift of servant. Blessings are meant to be given over and over in order to sustain the state of blessing. It is spiritual maintenance.

And instead of finding this repitition boring or mundane, I feel my spirit come alive with excitement. Everything I've ever learned or heard around me convinces me that repitition and maintenance should and must be boring tasks. But I believe I am learning to disregard those voices.


tom & leah said...

repitition means getting comfortable. maintaining means something is worth keeping up. there are so many things we do over and over that you might as well find something good about it.

and while you're in the neighborhood, can you come bless our land? i've tried and those weeds are just too stubborn.

Mark M said...

As the owner/operator of Latte Books, I would like to inform you that as of your latest blog, you are now officially the newest Employee of the Week. We here at Latte Books appreciate your dedication and heart, and from all of us here, we want to extend a big "Welcome to the team!" We are all behind you, and expect great things from our new hire. Sincerely, Mark Mahan and all the Latte Books staff.

jdmartin said...

I, too, love mundanity (I love making up words because of the simple fact that I can). Put me behind the scenes and I'll happily do what God lays in front of me 'til the cows come home or Jesus comes back (no irreverence intended).