Wednesday, January 16

My Excuse

Contrary to the argument that blogging was just a fad in our community, I have serious excuses for not having blogged since November 26 - mainly that on November 28 I received one of the most important and exciting phone calls of my life.

Peter Loth - an amazing man of God, a Jew, and a Holocaust survivor - asked me to edit his book. The story of how that came about is a bit long, but basically God is incredibly faithful and gracious in the drama of my life. He gave me the desire of my heart that was planted several years ago when I first met Peter in Eric's parents' kitchen.

And you thought I just picked up all those Holocaust memoirs for some light reading.

I just finished the first of what will be many editing passes through the manuscript, so I'm celebrating by telling you all about it.

Praise the Lord.


Maasen said...

welcome back!! and congrats on finishing step 1 of the editing

Anonymous said...

i'm really proud of the way you've investing your life!


Anonymous said...

finally, the voice of susan in print....refreshing!!


tom & leah said...

yahoo. like fresh air, she returns.