Monday, January 21

Tu b'Shevat

Today and tomorrow, according to T.J.'s email, are Tu b'Shevat, Israel's Arbor Day.

And I quote:

It is celebrated by eating the special types of fruits for which Israel is renowned: olives, dates, grapes, figs and pomegranates -- and also buxer (carob). It's also celebrated by planting trees in Israel and if you can't get to Israel, you can purchase trees to be planted in Israel from the Jewish National Fund www. or call 800-542-TREE.

Before the email finishes, he adds that it's a Biblical mandate to plant a tree in Israel. Now, I'm all for planting trees in Israel. It sounds like a great idea. But does anyone know where it's mentioned in the Bible?


Maasen said...

I dont know where it is in the Bible however I did plant a tree in memory of Madison.

Noah said...

that is really cool ang.. some of Art's parents friends planted a tree in Israel in honor of Art.