Tuesday, December 16

Food Journal - Day . . .

In all fairness to myself, I warned that my week of food journaling would be, well, less than a week. But here's another day in review:

Breakfast (8:30)
*2 beef sausage links

Lunch (12:30)
*Chicken soup from Panera, with a side of bread

Snack (2:30)
*White tea

Dinner (7:00)
*Salad with mushrooms, red pepper, celery, cheese, and sea salt
*Brown rice and barbeque chicken
*Dessert drink and 2 smallish cookies

Comments: Not the most impressive day, but I did eat a salad (without MSG-tainted Ranch dressing, no less, which is my favorite). The salad has to count for something. And the fact that I didn't eat as many cookies as I would have liked -- it is the holidays, after all. I did go to the trouble to make brown rice instead of white, as well as feeding my husband leftovers, which makes me feel good about my food budget and the state of my refrigerator.

1 comment:

tom & leah said...

hats off to you. i'm impressed: the rice, the leftovers, only two cookies and counting tea as a snack! good work susan...you'll notice i'm not keeping a food log. i might today, i'm off to a good start although i feel a brownie splurge coming on. darn those leftovers!