Thursday, December 11

From Leah's brother's blog:

"Here is the next challenge I want to put to anyone reading In Defense of Food and thinking/blogging about health and nutrition: For one week, document -- on your blog -- everything you eat. Include the quantity you eat, and when you eat it."

Well, technically I qualify. I did read In Defense of Food and I have been thinking about health and nutrition. I have serious doubts about my ability/commitment to do this every day for a week, but here at least is Day 1. It wasn't my most exemplary day, but how could I turn down a chance to talk about food?

Breakfast (9:00)
*1 soft-boiled egg (anyone have a good protein alternative to eggs? I'm almost done with eggs for breakfast)
*small bowl of Grape Nuts (which I could eat every day, as I confessed to Leah and Lauren tonight)
*large mug of Lady Grey

Lunch (12:00)
*large bowl of baked potato soup
*side of bread
*Mango Ceylon tea in a disposable cup (very disappointing for me, since I don't like the taste of disposable cups and don't see the need for them when I could just use a mug -- I didn't ask in time for the mug and was too lazy/shy to correct the situation)

Dinner (7:00)
*2.25 rolls
*small salad with red onion, mushrooms, feta and unknown dressing
*small to medium portion of fettuccine with salmon, asparagus and lemon butter (I think)
*small portion of walnut apple pie with a bite of cinnamon ice cream

Not a typical day for me, since I don't usually eat out. Joe also gives himself a grade, but I don't feel qualified to grade myself. I feel like that's a job for Dr. Rice or something.


Joseph said...

Wow. Someone actually reads my blog? Amazing. :-)

Yes, the score can be hard for someone -- that's one reason I didn't want to make it a "requirement" in my challenge.

But for me, I don't feel like I can improve what I can't measure. I can always measure the output/result (weight) -- but the "input" is harder to quantify, which is I wanted to grade myself, and see if I can improve things over a week, a month, a year. But it is not for everyone I agree.

But nice to see you are blogging about what you eat? The main goal was to help make people mindful of what they eat. But publishing it for all the world to see, it does make one a bit more conscious what what you put in your body.

Lauren Blake said...

good work susan, you are brave. I know I would not have recorded that day for me esp. with the big dessert Leah and I shared.

tom & leah said...

it was so good thought. and since we ate out i splurged. i allow myself that luxury when i don't have to make it myself.

also, i think it was more of a cheese sauce than a butter sauce. it was also delicious.

and like lauren, i'm not sure i'm ready to admit that i just ate chicken nuggets that my kids didn't finish...i'm hungry!