Sunday, August 29

A few more pictures from our time with Eric's family

(Create your own caption here.) 

Sportin' the shades on Pikes Peak 

Each family took an evening and provided dinner.  I planned to grill Greek burgers and asparagus, but it was Eric and Brigitte who braved the rain.

Watching the hummingbirds with Opa

A friendly little game of Catan.

Eliana loves the water. Even icy cold water.

 Eric and Brigitte


Lauren Blake said...

love her expressions!

Jmichael said...

"Where's the mango?"
caption created.

Kate said...


Carlye said...

i love little chubby baby legs in the water. *sigh* why is that look not okay when you get older? darn social norms.

Maeret said...

I'm still laughing about the caption "a friendly little game of Catan" in light of Eric's intense facial expression..... I love irony!

btw..I hope that was supposed to be a joke... if not this is really an awkward comment. but I don't need a blog comment to make people feel awkward... no not me

Susan said...

It was supposed to be a joke, Maeret. Thanks for laughing. Even your profile picture is laughing. Perfect.