Sunday, September 5

We had a really great time with the Blake side of the family, too.  (My excuse for posting so many pictures is that I have lots of old posts without any pictures.  I'm trying to balance it all out.)

Here are a couple of pictures of Eliana with her Cass.

We were reading a book together.  She loves reading.  Or at least the camera.

Some cuddle time on the porch with Grandma and Cass.

This was her first time in pigtails.  Now that I write it, that seems . . .unclean.  But how could something that cute be unclean?

And our trip down to the river.  She loves the cold water. 
She would have gone all the way in if I had let her.

On our first trip to the river, Eliana was at home taking a nap.
Check out that view.

The view at the river was amazing, but the path down to it was another story.  Steep, muddy, overgrown.
I did it the first day in flip flops.  Not too pretty.

On the second day I wore my Aqua Socks (I'm assuming that's a proper name).  Impressive, I know.  You thought Aqua Socks were a thing of the past.  They solved the mud issue, but they didn't keep me from falling into the river.  There's a video of my mishap, but it doesn't seem to do it justice.  I didn't get washed downstream, exactly, but I got plenty wet.  The rescue involved a large tree limb and Big Cass' leg.
This picture, which you might recognize from Leah's blog, was taken just moments after my river escapade.

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Lauren Blake said...

I think it is great that you can do pigtails with her hair... and yes she does look super cute. I look forward to the day when I get to anything with her hair.

Anonymous said...

i really like the first picture of Cass and Eliana. Mostly because of Cass facial expression.

Allison said...

Her facial expression is great. I like seeing all of your pictures! Keep 'em comin'!

he came up with the title but... said...

a. while your reading skills are superb i believe eliana finally smiled in that "book" picture because i looked at her and she realized there was a person on the other side of the camera, not just some weird contraption. she's very extroverted. she lights up when she sees anyone, eh? and we light up when we see her too. what a grin.

b. we call them ponytails (plural). pigs don't have multiple tails, where did that even come from? we like horses better anyway.

c. you should get her some floaties or a canoe the next time you go to the river. she is ready!

justjess said...

Although they're all cute, the second pic is my favorite. I'm so glad you both are in my're sooo fun!

Brandi said...

Love the ponytails! And I think you should post the video, even if it doesn't do it justice.