Sunday, October 3

Hats Off

I have two things to share that make me smile: 

First, here is Eliana crawling across her very own quilt from Patrick and Ashley Weekly, good friends of ours.  Patrick helped pick out the fabric, but Ashley did all the work.  It's so cute.  The back is a print of flowers that match the colors on the front.  We love it!

The second thing that makes me smile was our trip this weekend to the good old Family Tree Nursery.  Not only did I get to show Eric around my very first place of employment, but they also put together a fabulous fall event, complete with Big Cass helping at the pumpkin table.

Meeting the animals at the petting zoo

Noah and Eliana playing in the corn bin

She's sharing - isn't that sweet?

My favorite picture from the day.
So hats off to the Weeklys and to FTN.  And thanks for the smiles.


Kate said...

There's nothing I could say to this post that would not be mushy.

justjess said...

So my question is...Is she crawling or is this the famous Eliana shuffle? Also FTN does a pretty good job of event cordination...looks like you guys had a great time too!

Susan said...

Good point, Jess. "Crawling" is a bit misleading. She was doing the scoot, for sure.

Carlye said...

i'm all about the mushy :) that is such a sweet picture of eric and eliana with the animals. and that quilt! so beautiful. thanks for sharing the pics.

Lauren Blake said...

thanks for taking Noah.. and oh yeah I love the sunflower picture too cute... she looks so old in it though like she is standing up.

Allison said...

I like how she is partially buried beneath the corn kernals. Made me smile.

joyfulnoise said...

What cute pictures! She seemed to like the corn being all around her.