Sunday, October 31

    This is Eliana after she figured out how to open the screen door by herself.  I think she's checking to see if anyone is going to stop her daring escape.
The picture is unrelated to the rest of my post.  But if I don't include a picture, who will read it? Now, on to the real topic(s).

Windows 7 has this great feature called Sticky Notes. Now I'm just a few taps and clicks away from capturing anything that strikes my fancy. The question is, then what? My sticky notes are taking over. So in order to declutter, I bring you random quotes:

A natural solution for teething: For general discomfort you can use one drop of clove oil in 25ml of pure grapeseed oil. Keep this in the fridge and rub a little on the gums at three hourly intervals. (an email from the Simons) 
feel the sunlight.

let it warm your heart.
listen as it tells the story
of hope that comes,
shining its warmth
on everything.
(our very own Stephanie Griggs)
To isolate ourselves and live in an individual bubble or even a community bubble is to miss entirely the plan that God has for us as believers.(from Tikkun's newsletter)
With a true friend, one can negotiate a path through the most intense circumstances. The foundation of love and concern for the other partner is strong enough to maintain the structure of the ever challenged and evolving friendship throughout the years. (also from Tikkun)
With the Goldstone-Tomuschat and flotilla resolutions, the Human Rights Council maintained its record of having adopted more resolutions and decisions condemning Israel than all other 191 U.N. states combined. (from an email article from a family friend)
Some 93.5 percent of Americans believe that the US should be concerned about Israel's security. Whereas the Obama administration is unconvinced that the Palestinians need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, 77% of Americans believe that they must do so. Only 6% of Americans believe the Palestinians shouldn't recognize Israel. And not only do Americans support Israel, they expect their leaders to support Israel as well. Some 50.9% of Americans are more likely to vote for a staunchly pro-Israel candidate, and only 25.2% are less likely to do so. Fifty-three percent of Americans say they could not vote for an anti- Israel candidate even if they agreed with the candidate's positions on most other issues. As for Obama's treatment of Israel, some 42.7% of Americans believe that the president's Middle East policies harm Israel's security, and only 29.6% believe that they are improving Israel's security situation. Some 51.6% of Americans believe that Obama is less friendly towards Israel than his predecessors have been. Only 35.4% believe that he is as friendly towards Israel as his predecessors were. No less noteworthy than the poll's exposure of the massive support Israel enjoys from the American people is what it tells us about the relative strength and weakness of that support along the partisan and ideological divide. As the Emergency Committee for Israel's Chairman Bill Kristol summarized the poll's findings in The Weekly Standard, 69% of Republicans are more likely to vote for a pro-Israel candidate, while only 40% of Democrats are. Furthermore, a mere 15% of Republicans are less likely to vote for a pro-Israel candidate while 33% of Democrats are less likely to vote for a candidate who strongly supports Israel. (from - if you don't read Caroline Glick's articles here or on JPost, you should)
And while the other notes will probably now be cleared from my desktop, this traditional Jewish  condolence will remain:
"May the L-rd comfort you with all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem."


mountain girl said...

Your random notes are very cool...let me know how the clove oil works. As always, Eliana is getting cuter all the time. Love that hair!

Kate said...

Oh, wow. I'm not going to read them all right now but believe you me, I'm coming back because this is a really great post. I especially like the comment about the pic being a blog's only draw, at times. I often consider this when I post lots of things without anything for the visually geared.

Susan said...

I came to the picture conviction reluctantly, but I think it's true. I'm not a super visual person, so it's more of a conscious effort than an intuitive inclusion. Anything for my readers.

justjess said...

I have to debunk you both, I don't think it's true. I'm a highly visual person and I read blogs because of you. Whatever you decide is blog worthy must have somehow effected you and I want to know about it. Susan you make similar comments frequently, my suggestion is to take Leah's advice...after all it is your blog.

I know I'm not right about everyone. I'm sure some people need pictures, but at least not for me. ;) I do LOVE them though. Nice post.

tom said...

i try to read all of caroline glick's articles.

Kate said...

Who is this Caroline Glick and where did you guys learn of her?

What a nice selection of excerpts that Susan values that was. :)

Question: How does one "follow" blogs that aren't blogger blogs? Is there a way to not continually check their site?

Susan said...

Caroline Glick shows up regularly on Tom's the one who pointed her out to me (see comment above).

As far as the following . . .I'm sure there is. But I have yet to follow anyone, so I wouldn't know.

he came up with the title but... said...

I'm not ashamed, I am drawn to the pictures like a bug to the light. It's like a teaser or a breather, especially on the really long posts. But I am visually geared, so I'm biased.

And I love that little wiggle girl. She is so funny.

Lauren Blake said...

the picture is great, really because it is moments like those that are the true treasures to keep. I would always prefer a post with pictures but I will read it without.

The writing- very interesting inspiring quotes and helpful info about Israel to be on my knees about. thanks

Carlye said...

Thanks for sharing these snippets and insights. I am not completely convinced about the picture thing...but who can NOT love a picture of that sweetie pie!? I love that expression.

thanks for the info about caroline glick and jpost. i had never heard of either one.