Saturday, November 13

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Eliana's first birthday was on Thursday. Since I didn't post on time, here are some pictures from her party.
A huge thanks to Lauren for all of these. What a blessing!

Eliana had a balloon theme, which was a big hit.

A PBlake sandwich

Her latest facial expression is the squinty cheeser grin.  She does it to be funny and make us laugh - her first joke.

Not too bad, even if Mama did forget to add the sugar to the whipped cream.

A fantastic knit hat from Kate

Favorite gift of the night?  Tissue paper.

I had to include both of these pictures with Papa. Too cute.

Also on her birthday, Eliana walked more than she has in her whole life, pushing her baby stroller.  I posted a longer video of the walking on our YouTube page.  But here's a short clip of her using her new balancing skills.

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justjess said...

Oh my! Those photos are amazing. I especially love the PBlake sandwich and the ones with Papa. And the girl's got skills with the balancing. That's awesome Sue, thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Sooo cute! She may need to grow into that hat, though. :)

Anonymous said...

She's getting so big! What a cutie! Love the pics, my only peeve: no sugar in the whipped cream!? Wha...?


Carlye said...

Your daughter is so precious. I can tell you cherished each moment of the celebration. She is truly something to celebrate. :)

And by the way, that PBlake sandwich looks yummy! I wouldn't know which part to start on!

mountain girl said...

So cute! I remember Zia learned to walk when she got a shopping cart for Christmas...a girl's gotta shop, so it was time to learn how to use the feet.

Lauren Blake said...

I love her little cheesy grin... she makes me smile.

Brandi said...

Yea! I was hoping for pictures soon. Looks like Eliana had a great 1st birthday!

joyfulnoise said...

Oh wow such cuteness. Happy birthday Eliana! We love you!

Paul said...

Love that p-blake sandwich