Saturday, December 4

Just a few highlights from our Thanksgiving trip to North and South Carolina to see Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tom:

We went to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.  It's more of a museum that tells the story of his life, and it was really moving.  Neither of us had a strong connection to Billy Graham before we went, but being on the property and going through the tour touched both of us at a deep, spirit level.

Watching  rafters and kayakers hitting the rapids

Eliana and Opa had a good time smashing their faces on the windows

He looks like he's whispering sweet nothings in her ear, but a few minutes later he was putting lemon wedges in her mouth every time she screamed

On Friday we drove down to Callawassie Island, where Eric and I have been several times since we've been married.  This is just in case you forgot how beautiful it is down there.

Eliana's first trip to the ocean, safe in the arms of her great aunt

Sea kayaking - my first time in a kayak

Normally I wouldn't include a picture of us on very little sleep, but check out Eliana's expression. 
Despite the stern look, she did great on all of our flights.


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics my favorite is Eric whispering to eliana so sweet glad you had a good time

mountain girl said...

Eliana sure is getting cuter all the time! The pics look great...reminds me of how beautiful the Carolinas really are, with all their pines and beaches.

Kate said...

That's pretty hilarious (the plane picture). You look so pretty in purple!

Anyway, looks like you had a good time and that makes me happy.

justjess said...

You're doing such a great job with the pictures. LOVE IT! I especially love that the Eliana slideshow changes periodically. Fun. The picture of Eliana with Opa is my favorite I think, but I also like the sweet nothings. Good job, and I'm thrilled you guys had a good time.