Monday, December 20

Season Change

In Judaism, immersion (similar to the more familiar "baptism") can be done for a number of reasons, one of them being a season change.  And when Eric and I participated in our community's immersion service a few weeks ago, the change into a season of understanding Jesus as a Jewish man and the centrality of Israel in the redemptive plan of G-d was a large part of our motivation.  (In case you're not a frequent reader of Lauren's blog, here are a couple of pictures.)

This season change has been a long time coming -- several years now, in fact.  With that long of a wait, there are many ways in which the immersion was just an outward sign of the change that had already happened in my heart.  But I think that only deepened the significance of actually going through the steps of the immersion service.  As I was sitting in our worship service last night, I came to the best summary I can think for this season change.  We were singing the line, "I finally found where I belong," which has resonated with me from the first time I heard the song.  But now, after immersion, I think I know why.

In keeping with the theme of season changes, Eliana took her first verifiable steps on the same day as our immersion, December 5, 2010.  I don't have any pictures to share, because she's rather difficult to capture on camera these days.

And just a short note on my African violet.  All of the blooms of the previous post had withered and been removed by the time we left for North Carolina.  So there it sat, the same old green plant it has been for most of our relationship.

But after a full week to itself with no tender care or even water, my African violet greeted our return with these little beauties and two more about to open. 

I'm starting to get the hint.  I think it likes its space. 

Sometimes people do too, the L-rd is telling me.  May He bring beauty out of dormancy, wherever He finds it in my life.


Kate said...

Wow...that was so moving. I love hearing what comes out from what you draw from your deep well. It seems there has been an orchestrated theme for you lately...season change, first steps, new blooms...I love it when that happens. Thanks.

Carlye said...

This is precious stuff. I got all teary. Bless you and know you're loved and prayed for often. :) How exciting...

Lauren Blake said...

Amen To the season change

justjess said...

I agree with Carlye, precious is a great word. I got big time chills. When you share what's really going on with you I always get chills. I love the pictures, especially the second one of E train. You can really see his heart in that picture. I love everything you shared, thanks so much!