Tuesday, October 18

In case you wondered what our last month has been like, here is Eliana putting an ice pack on her neck -- just like Grandma.  My mom was using ice packs so constantly that Eliana started asking for one for Grandma and one for "Ana".  She loves wrapping and unwrapping the ice pack, talking about how cold it is, and sitting on her little couch and icing her neck just like Grandma.  Perhaps in this case imitation isn't so much flattery as it is a heartfelt attempt to connect with Grandma in the midst of a situation far more difficult than her almost-2-year-old brain can understand.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for my mom.  She is slowly doing better, although we'd still love your prayers for her complete healing.


justjess said...

She's so sweet. This is a very good way to recap your house lately. Good job miss summarizer.

mountain girl said...

Eliana really looks serious about getting that ice pack right. I can't believe how grown-up she's getting - she looks like a "real girl", not a baby anymore.
I hope your mom feels better soon!

Lauren Blake said...

I can just picture your mom sitting in the recliner right next to her smiling. Eliana "Joy" has a way of bring joy and smiles to all esp. in this difficult time for your household. What a gift she is. We will continue to pray for Mom as well.