Sunday, October 9

What do you have to offer?

Attention all Kingdom Living poets, writers, artists, and prose-producing thinkers:

You are invited to participate in the first edition of the community literary magazine, The Circadian.

We will be accepting submissions in the following categories: short stories, essays (creative nonfiction, passionate theological essay, comic blog post, etc.), short plays or screenplays, poetry, graphics and visual art (most likely black and white print capabilities only).

Submit in as many categories as you’d like. Please limit yourself to two submissions per category.  All poets are requested to include three poems per submission, unless your poem is extraordinarily long.  If your writing doesn’t neatly fit into one of the three categories, submit it anyway and suggest your own category. Full theses or dissertations will not be accepted, however, due to space considerations. All further questions can be addressed to Susan or Kait via email.

The deadline for submissions is January 1, so get to it.


Kait said...

Who could resist that?

Ah! I don't know what I'm going to submit yet. Do you?

Tom and Leah said...

I see that you're reading 'The Edible Front Yard'. Are you all moving somewhere with a gardenable front yard?