Wednesday, September 5

Callawassie Island

If anyone is actually still reading my blog, I should probably apologize for the long gap in posts. I've been off to the islands, or at least an island, and I didn't quite find time to write. This is a starfish - long dead - from the Folly Field Beach at Hilton Head Island. We spent a hot two hours there. Eric got a sunburn, I definitely stepped on living creatures in the ocean, and we were both fascinated by the little holes that would open up out of the ground, spitting out water and often little chocolate-sprinkle-like pellets (you can see one in the upper right of the photo).

But the view on our own island, Callwassie, was pretty amazing, too. This is a view of one of the many lagoons at sunset, taken from the front porch of the villa where we stayed. We saw so much wildlife - aligator snouts in the lagoons, egrets nesting down for the night, herons taking up residence on the golf course, a disgruntled owl, and a gel-like spider.

We were totally blessed to be there. We had tons of opportunities to excerise and to enjoy God's creation. It rained almost every day I was there, so Eric and I got watch (and play in) the storms. We loved it.

But for me, it's always good to be home.


cassie said...

oh man... that sounds amazing. i am a bit jealous.

tom & leah said...

we're glad you're home too. the little ones missed you, couldn't you tell?!