Monday, September 24

Jesus, I'm a Sucker

One of my birthday gifts this year was the newest Waterdeep CD, Heart Attack Time Machine. I've been listening to it in the car, and I can't get the lines of this chorus out of my head (for the full sticking effect, you have to hear Don's folky voice yourself):

Jesus, I'm sucker / I wish I believed less of the lies
Did anything I thought I knew / turn out to be true

Maybe it's just a part of growing older, but I am increasingly identifying with that confession. The most obvious setting for it is Jewish root classes, but I feel it even about lies from the enemy in general.

Praise God for His judgments and His mercy that reveal the lies to us. In my case, at least, little by little. One step of the journey at a time.

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Mark said...

Sounds like a cool cd, I need to get it and listen. I love waterdeep! Keep the bloggin' comin'!