Sunday, September 30


Last year as my birthday approached and I felt the usual mounting excitement, I had a startling realization - someday I would grow up. And growing up would include not counting down the days to my birthday with the wonder and anticipation of a small child on Christmas Eve. I think my heart shed a small tear just thinking about it.

It happened.

This year I almost forgot that my birthday was coming. And I certainly didn't count the days. Inexplicably, in the last 12 months I crossed that mysterious threshold (or perhaps the first of several) into grownuphood.


Mark said...

Now, what gets really interesting is when no on else is counting the days or noticing it either. Then you know you have either become an adult or reached senility with all of your friends and family at the same time.

jdmartin said...

Yeah, I quit looking forward to birthdays when my mom asked me how old I was going to be a few years ago. After I got over the shock of her actually forgetting how old I was I told her my age. "Wow," she said. "That makes me feel really old."

Shaul said...

The next step is forgetting how old you are, and then having to calculate that number based on what year you were born. It's embarrasing the first time it happens. The second time you just realize that you don't care how old you are anymore. But remember ... the older you are the more people will actually care what you have to say.