Wednesday, October 24

Food for All

If you'll notice the latest addition in the column to your right, you'll see that I have yet again been influenced by Leah, whose sharing of the Parmesan chicken recipe went over really well at our house. I'm starting what I hope will be a new trend in our blogging community - mainly because there are recipes from you all that I'd like to have (starting with Jacklynn's healthy-yummy cookies).

So there it is. The Glazed Apple Cookie recipe that I made for the latest CineSimon showing (and my friends at the post office and Eric's birthday dinner). Please keep in mind that with any recipe, there have probably been changes from the original for any variety of reasons. I'll try to post what I actually used.

I've done my part. Now you need to bust out your own recipes and get posting.


Anonymous said...

i'll be sure to include my favorite recipes.

mark said...

I can confirm it's yumminess. mark

Shaul said...

in an attempt to post more recipes than tom, i'll offer my first:

1) pour oatmeal in pot
2) add water
3) heat for 5 minutes
4) insert Nutty Nuggets - the cheap brand of Grape Nuts
5) insert raisins
6) pour in a tiny bit of milk

hard to mess that up. now if you're going on a first date, don't eat this before hand unless you bring your pocket yahtzee.

tom & leah said...

especially if you're a blood that is.