Monday, October 29

Random Thoughts

I've been collecting random thoughts over the past few weeks, none of which seem to warrant a full post.

*I was walking from Tom and Leah's to Paul and Lauren's (a common occurrence), enjoying the fall temperatures and the changing leaves when it hit me - only God could make the dying process beautiful. Simple and certainly not original, but true nonetheless. He so emodies goodness and beauty that He created even the dying off of the leaves to be breathtaking. I love that.

*We are a very backward blogging community. Most bloggers have readers they've never met, who might be living on the other side of the United States, and perhaps someday they will actually meet and be real-time friends. Or perhaps not. We, on the other hand, blog to and for the friends we already have. Leah pointed out that it removes the creepy aspect of blogging, and I would have to agree. But it's still backward.

*Bother. There was something else, but now I can't remember.

*Make sure you check out the MHOP site. It's quite impressive, with contributions from more people in our community than you probably realize.


Mark said...

I get most of my exercise walking from Paul to Tom's, it's a good workout.

Shaul said...

when do you walk over to tom's?

Shaul said...

the thing about the leaves was really fascinating. i've never thought of that before. i think the combination of symbolism and nature made it out of my reach until one of my friends, my sister, shared her journey. :)