Sunday, October 7

Survey Solution

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who responded to the request for reader responses. (Who knew that you can do actual surveys on blogspot. Thanks to Leah, next time I'll be much more sophisticated with my survey question. Although I have to admit, the liberties that everyone took with their own "interpretations" was probably worth the informality.)

Second, due to such great responses, I feel compelled to reveal at least a glimpse of the inspiration behind the not-so-hypothetical date. Consider this quote from a comment by "Mr. Anonymous":

"For the sake of the example, I'll assume the date took place in Colorado (a good place for a date to happen), so that sort of eliminates my first guess. The second option is that she was having the most incredible first date of her life and got so worked up she blew her blood pressure through the roof and gave herself a bloody nose. Just give it time fella; she'll be ok."

Hint: the actual participants in this potentially awkward situation have recently been seen on this very blog.


tom & leah said...

now if that's not a cliffhanger, what is?! i was expecting way more details. do we need to go to the source?

Shaul said...

it's brandy and ruble!