Saturday, October 20

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Eric! I continue to be amazed and blessed by who you are. And I just wanted any readers out there to know, in case they doubted which I'm sure they didn't. You are more the man I wanted than even I could have imagined in all my rose-colored daydreams. Baruch HaShem. To Him be the glory as we surrender unto His great adventure.

And thanks for always challenging me to be brave and supporting me when I waiver. I love you.


Shaul said...

i'm happy for you guys! i have to admit that i definitely prefer the picture of you two on the rock comapred to the solo shot of eric in the white t. eric's modeling pictures are for glossy prints.

Susan said...

If I could get the picture of Eric in the white T-shirt in a glossy print, I'd take it. He's hot stuff!

Aaron 'The Batman' Schwartz said...

Eric. I am overwhelmed by the manliness on display in that photo. Every time I try to be more manly, I look at that picture and say: "what's the use?"

You're like Masters of the Universe, minus fur loin clothes plus a white t of cosmic proportions.