Wednesday, October 10

Shaul's Conversion

And no, that doesn't mean the apostle (who arguably never converted - as Rabbi would ask, what did he convert to?). I'm pleased to welcome Paul into our humble blogging community. As he has increased his interaction through his humorous commentary, we have been eagerly anticipating the launch of his very own blog. It promises to be rich combination of humor, daily life, and thoughtful commentary on spiritual issues.

Check it out at (And props to Paul for the great name choice - it couldn't be more fitting.)

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Shaul said...

Well, yeah me! (that may be a quote from Phoebe from Friends?)

They wanted my screen name, and I'd already given them my personal name, ATM password, etc. I don't have a screen name as they called it, because I'm not an actor. So I went with my Hebrew name. And yes, conversion on the 1st century was tricky ... since they had never heard of Christianity.